Micro-RD Tool Submissions

Please submit all ideas to micro@DAGERtechnology.com 

Please make sure your submission includes:
– History: Why did you develop this tool? What problem does it solve?
– Description: Please describe the tool.
– Info: Please include your name and unit information

 Please include pictures that show the tool and how it’s used.
NOTE: There is a 10 MB limit, so you might need to send multiple emails.


Current as of January 2022

Micro R&D Notes

  • Window Punch
  • Thermal Imaging Pole Camera (RAPTOR)
  • Streetlight Cover (RAPTOR)
  • Tactical Door Blocker (RAPTOR)
  • Shock Tube Spool Dispenser
  • DeWalt Battery Tester
  • Nano X-ray Panel Stand
  • Robot Gripper X-ray Mount
  • Robot X-ray Source Control Box
  • Wireless X-ray Controller
  • X-ray Plate Eraser
  • Tennis Ball Car Door Adapter
  • Disposable Grid Aim Board
  • Treble Hook Car Door Opener
  • Zipper Punch
  • HAL Dual Car Door Opener
  • Water Bottle Stand
  • Remote PowerHawk Controller
  • Remote PowerHawk Stand
  • Whale Blade Cutter
  • Door Handle Hook
  • Doorknob Noose
  • Handle Gripper
  • F6 Battery Rebuild
  • Window Tint Viewer
  • Shock Tube Dispenser
  • Robotic Key Holder
  • Remote Door Holder
  • Fiber Optic Hinge
  • Kiwi Coil
  • Special Projectile Container

FBI Special Technicians Bulletins

    • Small IED Cutter
    • Robotic Laminated Window Breaking
    • Robotic Cargo Truck Opening & Access
    • Robotic Shock Tube Dispenser
    • Shock Tube Dispenser
    • Laminated Glass Breaching
    • Micro Cutter