What We Do

Program Management and SME Support

As subject matter experts in electronic countermeasures (ECM), radiation detection, counter-IED and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), and EOD/SWAT integration, we offer clients technical support in a variety of areas.

Radiation and Nuclear Detection – DAGER personnel have experience with the operational deployment of radiation detection equipment for use with first responders and development of new detectors for deployment.

Counter-IED – DAGER personnel are experienced in counter-IED, counter-WMD, and EOD operations.


ECM – DAGER has a proven track record supporting ECM programs. From requirements development, threat evaluation, testing, and training, DAGER can cover the entire spectrum of ECM requirements.

EOD/SWAT integration – DAGER collaborates with community leaders in SWAT and EOD to identify overlapping technologies and bring forth best practices. DAGER works with professional organizations—including the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) and the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) as well as state/local/military bomb technicians, FBI, and DHS to further training and technology for both organizations to work together.

Commercially Licensed Drone Pilots

Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E)

Assessments of CONOPs

Operational assessments measure a client’s overall capability to perform a specific mission, independent of any one piece of equipment. In collaboration with several bomb squads throughout the United States, we offer a range of operational assessments that are designed to:


  • Develop a baseline measure of capabilities and skill sets required to successfully conduct a specific type of response.
  • Identify requirements for consideration by the research and development community.
  • Recognize training and policy gaps associated with emerging missions.
Assessments of Equipment

We offer in-depth evaluations of technologies throughout all stages of research, development, and beyond. Our evaluation process involves the integration of a particular technology into operational exercises, which allows us to monitor and analyze all response processes and decisions. We document the results of our evaluation in a comprehensive report that is designed to:


  • Help user agencies make better decisions about advanced technology acquisitions.
  • Aid research and development agencies in determining where to allocate resources.
  • Give insight to manufacturers on the strengths and weaknesses of developmental equipment.

We offer help designing and validating tools and technologies. We have recently worked with the Bomb Squad Test Bed to develop locally manufactured tools that resulted in the publication of FBI Special Technicians Bulletins.

  • Technology Demonstrations / Quicklooks
  • In-process R&D Assessments
  • Pre-production Assessments
  • Comparative Equipment Assessments

Acquisition Support

At DAGER, we help clients identify program requirements, and then develop program plans, budget requests, and decision briefings to support program creation and approval. Once a program is approved, we work with clients to develop execution strategies that result in program successes. We have worked with both the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Defense, and have an excellent track record of increasing budgets for different programs.
Analysis of Alternatives
Program Plan Development
Budget Estimation

Exercise Support

DAGER has worked extensively with government agencies, the military, and federal, state, and local bomb squads. This work has enabled DAGER to coordinate with several different agencies on many projects, including operational assessments and exercises.
Interagency Coordination
Trainers and Host Support

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Located in Northern Virginia, DAGER Technology works with federal, state, local, and military clients in the field of Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism.