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DHS Feature Article: Empowering Bomb Squads with DIY Innovations, published March 2022

“It takes a special kind of person to be a bomb technician—someone who is brave, disciplined, determined, levelheaded, and creative. Operators must effectively employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills while working in stressful, potentially life-threatening situations. As a result, bomb technicians’ ability to expect the unexpected and adjust accordingly has created a consistent pipeline of do-it-yourself (DIY) inventions to solve everyday issues they face, and the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) works to validate and distribute these new capabilities.” See the full article here!

Volunteers Use 3D Printing to Aid COVID-19 Relief Efforts

In March 2020, DAGER Technology joined Shields for COVID Responders, a coalition of fabricators whose innovative outlook and passion for public service turned into helping first responders without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) deal with the COVID-19 crisis.  DAGER Technology was a great fit for the coalition because of their experience in building, characterizing, and validating field fabricated tools.  View the featured new article on Shields for COVID Responders in the DOD Featured News article below:

U.S. Department of Defense Featured News Article on Shields for COVID Responders

Local DMV News: Parents try and find their rhythm as they homeschool their children due to COVID-19 (David Family)

Electronics allowed only on the weekends, have now turned into a necessity for some Fairfax County Public School students. Parents are learning how to find their rhythm as they homeschool their children during this pandemic.  See the full article here!

NTOA Conference –  Tactical Operations and High Active Threat/Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Environment Course

On September 18-23, 2019, DAGER staffer Tom Lynch, presented at the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Law Enforcement Operations Conference and Trade show on Tactical Operations and High Active Threat/Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Environment.  The course included Tactical Bomb Technician TBT roles, equipment, polices, threat briefings, blast and explosion overview, and components.  An article in highlights the presentation


Bomb Squad Test Bed Workshop on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The official publication of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, The Detonator, provides relevant and timely information for Public Safety Bomb Squads.  The March/April 2019 cover article features the Bomb Technician’s Guide to Starting an Unmanned  Aircraft System Program.


Deadly Weapons Training – FBI Hazardous Devices School

Fox News report on FBI Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville, AL – September 12, 2018

VBIED Response Experimentation Assessment

In August 2017, the REDOPS Program conducted the VBIED Response Experimentation Assessment at the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan. An article in American Security Today highlights the assessment as well as the REDOPS Program.

American Security Today

Governor Synder visits the BSTB VBIED Response Experimentation Assessment

DAGER Technology helped to conduct the Bomb Squad Test Bed VBIED Response Experimentation Assessment August 14–18, 2017, in Milford, Michigan. The assessment sought to identify best practices, lessons learned, and technology development requirements by analyzing the response tactics and equipment choices of various bomb squads. Teams from the Michigan State Police, New Jersey State Police, Saint Paul Police, U.S. Air Force, and Canadian Air Force responded to six different scenarios designed to assess their capabilities, tools, and decision process. DHS S&T First Responders Group, REDOPS, FBI, Michigan State Police and DAGER Technology hosted Michigan Governor Rick Snyder during the assessment. Governor Snyder agreed that collaborating across federal, state, local, military, and international agencies is an ideal approach to improving IED response. The governor watched all the teams in action and even fired a “boot banger” disruption charge.

Short Barrel Disruptor Assessment

At the beginning of May, the REDOPS Bomb Squad Test Bed held the Short Barrel Disruptor Assessment at the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville, AL.  The local news, ABC’s WAAY31, picked up on some of the testing during this Assessment: “On a small range near the school, the FBI is developing the next step in “disruptor” technology which is the gear used to effectively destroy a bomb without setting it off. While officials would not into detail about how it works, they did say that further developments of the tech would “save lives.” Update 9/2017: The news report footage is no long available on the WAAY31 site.

DAGER Technology Leads REDOPS Demonstration Lane at the 2017 Ravens Challenge

DAGER Technology partnered with the DHS and TEAM REDOPS in their demonstration lane to display the different micro R&D tools and procedures, as well as the FBI to exhibit new techniques for Research and Prototyping for IED Defeat (RAPID) at the first exercise in the 2017 Raven’s Challenge on March 19-24, 2017 in Arizona.

The Raven’s Challenge is an annual, interagency, counter IED exercise that incorporates scenarios focused on interoperability capabilities between public safety bomb squads (PSBSs) and military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) units in operational domestic type IED environments. The exercise also provides international participation with partner nations an opportunity to observe techniques commonly employed in the United States.  Click Here for more information on the 2017 Raven’s Challenge.

News Articles on the first exercise in Arizona – 2017 Raven’s Challenge

Additional News Articles for 2017 Raven’s Challenge

Inside the FBI’s Remote Bomb-Test Training Range

“The FBI maintains a sprawling campus in the Alabama woods devoted almost entirely to the discovery and disposal of explosive materials and devices.  They see dozens of explosions a day, so you never to have to see one.”  DAGER Technology is proud to work with the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School as a location for the Bomb Squad Test Bed. 

Comparative Disruptor Assessment News Report

The news report below is about the FBI Hazardous Devices School in Alabama. DAGER is appreciative of the FBI’s involvement with the Bomb Squad Test Bed. The report was filmed during the Comparative Disruptor Assessment and includes great shots of DAGER test articles, testing, and a disruptor making a one-in-a-million shot (2:05).