REDOPS Information

REDOPS Program

REDOPS is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) program that supports public safety bomb technicians. The program provides a collaborative structure for addressing IED response and defeat capability gaps identified by federal, state and local bomb technicians, including the National Bomb Squad Commander’s Advisory Board (NBSCAB).

REDOPS builds on existing investments, supports easy-to-use solutions and transitions technologies to the end user. The program’s portfolio addresses five primary areas:

  • IED Defeat Tools and Capabilities: The Research and Prototyping for IED Defeat (RAPID) thrust area develops and assesses specialized tools and capabilities to address evolving threats. The results of these efforts are transitioned directly to the bomb technician through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Hazardous Device School.
  • Test Bed Assessments: REDOPS performs operational assessments of emerging technologies, emphasizing the compatibility of new technologies with currently fielded systems or tools. Knowledge products are shared with the end user via the FBI.
  • RAPTOR Program: Research and Prototyping for Tactical Operation. This program provides the tactical community with test bed assessments and micro-R&D tools.
  • Micro R&D Systems: REDOPS works closely with bomb technicians from across the U.S. to identify locally manufactured tools that will meet the capability needs of the broader bomb technician community. Products are assessed for effectiveness and safety prior to being shared with the end users via multiple communication channels.
  •  Long-term R&D Solutions: REDOPS develops technologies based on prioritized capability gaps identified by bomb technicians supporting the S&T First Responder Resource Group. Deliverables include robotics, defeat technologies and other protective systems.

micro-R&D Program

micro-R&D supports the development and transition of innovative, cost-effective solutions to equipment shortfalls and capability gaps.

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RAPTOR Program

The RAPTOR program is a part of the REDOPS program designed for SWAT Operations. Tactical assessment reports and DIY tools are posted in the REDOPS/RAPTOR area available on TRIPwire.